All plasticizers are phthalates

MYTH: All plasticizers are phthalates


Wszystkie plastyfikatory są ftalanamiThe plasticizers are chemical substances which are used as additives to improve plasticity of the PVC resin. The major application for plasticisers is plasticization of poly(vinyl chloride) − PVC makes nearly 90% of the plasticizer market. Plasticized PVC is then used for the production of cables, floor coverings, wallpapers, etc.


Phthalates make the biggest group of plasticizers; they are estimated to take up about 75% of the European market of plasticizers. Apart from phthalates, other groups of chemicals can also be employed as plasticizers, like: terephthalates, epoxides, benzoates, trimellitates, citrates, aliphatic plasticizers (adipates, sebacates), etc.