Plasticized PVC may be recycled

FACT: Plasticized PVC may be recycled


Ftalany nie są wypłukiwane z PCW do środowiska naturalnegoPVC is a plastic which meets the criteria for sustainable development. Its production is less oil dependent than the production of other plastics. It is very stable and little care is required to preserve its performance, it is cheap and it may be recycled many times with no loss of its initial physical-chemical properties.


Owing to the Vinyl Plus Voluntary Commitment (formerly Vinyl 2010), more than 1 million tons of PVC products were subjected to recycling in Europe since 2000. The re-processed materials reached 257,084 tons in 2011 only. Plasticized PVC makes about 45% of that volume and it comes from cables, flooring materials and PVC-coated fabrics.