Oxofine™ DBT

Oxofine™ DBT is high quality dibutyl terephthalate, which features fast fusing properties, low migration and provides higher flexibility to finished products. These properties allow it to be applied in PVC flooring as a functional plasticizer with Oxoviflex™, adhesives and sealants and in the production of various inks.

    • Trade name: Oxofine™ DBT
    • Chemical name: Dibutyl terephthalate
    • Proper shipping name not applicable (not regulated by RID/ADR)
    • Chemical formula:

      - molecular formula C16H22O4

      - semi-structural formula C6H4(C4H9)2

    • PKWiU:
    • CN: 2917 39 95

Quality requirements

Oxofine™ DBT is an oily liquid, colourless or light straw, with no mechanical impurities.

PlasticizersChemical SynthesisPaints & LacquersWires & CablesPlastic (PVC) additivesAutomotivePharmaceutics & CosmeticsTechnical GasesTextilesOther
Oxofine™ DBT
Produkt: Oxofine™ DBT
Chemical Synthesis
Paints & Lacquers
Wires & Cables
Plastic (PVC) additives
Pharmaceutics & Cosmetics
Technical Gases



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