Oxoplast® O

Oxoplast® O has the longest production history within our plasticizers portfolio. For our European customers we have initiated REACH authorisation process due to safety concerns risen by European regulation authorities. We aim at providing our customers with full legal safety towards employing Oxoplast® O in their PVC processing and final products.

Oxoplast O
    • Trade name: OXOPLAST® O
    • Chemical name: Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate; Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate; DEHP
    • Proper shipping name not applicable (not regulated by RID/ADR)
    • Chemical formula:

      - molecular formula C24H38O4

      - semi-structural formula C6H4(COOC8H17)2

    • PKWiU:
    • CN: 2917 32 00
    • CAS: 117-81-7
PlasticizersChemical SynthesisPaints & LacquersWires & CablesPlastic (PVC) additivesAutomotivePharmaceutics & CosmeticsTechnical GasesTextilesOther
Oxoplast® O
Produkt: Oxoplast® O
Chemical Synthesis
Paints & Lacquers
Wires & Cables
Plastic (PVC) additives
Pharmaceutics & Cosmetics
Technical Gases


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