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Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. is a part of one of the largest chemical capital groups in Eastern&Central Europe – Grupa Azoty. Oxoplast Business Unit is a specialised structure within Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. focused on production of OXO alcohols, plasticizers and aldehydes.



Discover OXO Segment

We are one of the European leaders in production of OXO alcohols and plasticizers

We are recognised as the highest quality standard on the OXO market. We are flexible and ready to adjust to needs and requirements of our demanding customers. Over the years we have gained renown and reputaion of major market player in Europe and overseas. We are Oxoplast®, We are Grupa Azoty.EN-OXO-Alcohols-Plasticizers-Capacities-Grupa-Azoty


OXO segment Mission and Vision

Mission of OXO segment:  To deliver chemical products meetingcustomers needs. Vision of OXO segment: We will become leading player in ourindustry. Our company will be a first choicesupplier for the customer. We will achievea highest value addend factor in our industryregardless of economic situation. Strategic aim: Growth of sales and margins through marketdevelopment, expanding port folio andproduct placement. Activities: To introduce new generation plasticizers. Tolengthen value chains. To perfect customerservices employing innovative logisticssolutions. To utilize new perspective marketsegments and markets. To optimize productionand storage costs.


Our advantages

High and repeatable quality of products – product fatures and parameters customized to individual customer needs. Compettive sales conditions reflecting current market situation and customer’s type and field of application. Efficient and effective logistics employing all means of transportation available, satysfying specific requirements of each customer. Long-term co-operation perspective based on partnership and mutual understanding of needs.


Production process and products portfolio


Prestige and recognition


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Oxoplast® history

We have over 65 years of exploring chemistry behind us. We have lernt, developed and matured to become a modern company fulfilling requirements of social responsibillity and care. We are ambitiuous, constistent, focused on high quality, efficiency and devoted to provide our customers with the best services available. Through our innovative attitude we have become an environmentally friendly and advanced company.


It is a starting date for our OXO adventure. This year we started production of our first PVC plasticizers.


We started production of DEHP which has been marketed worldwide under Oxoplast® O Brand.


Our state of art.

OXO alcohols plant based on Davey Process technology and WGS facility was started-up. We have began production of 2-ethylhexanol (2-EH), N-butanol and isobutanol.


1 million tons of OXO alcohols were produced since the plant start-up


We introduced Oxoplast® IB, a plasticizer based on our isobutanol.


Oxoplast business unit was born due to structural chan ges in the company.


Oxpolast® PH, a C10 plasticizer based on 2-PH alcohol has been introduced as our answer to changes on the plasticizers’ market.


We were one of the first in Europe to start production of non-phtalate, PTA based, general purpose plasticizer


We decided to build a dedicated plant for our PTA based non-phthalate plasticizer (50 kt/year)


We have introduced Oxoplast Medica®,

a high quality plasticizer for medical purposes.


We have started up our large scale plant for our PTA based non-phthalate plasticizer (50 kt/year).

We have introduced to the market under Oxoviflex™