N-butyraldehyde is a main intermediate in our OXO alcohols (2-EH, NBA) production process. Owing to its high quality our alcohols are recognised as leading products on the market. Apart from captive usage we offer our aldehyde to customers who process it and produce solvents, esters, acids, resins, etc.

N-butrylaldehyde is REACH registered according to EC regulation No. 1907/2006

Aldehyd n-masłowy
    • Trade name: N-butyraldehyde
    • Chemical name: n-Butyraldehyde; Butanal
    • Proper shipping name BUTYRALDEHYDE
    • Chemical formula:

      - molecular formula C4H8O

      - semi-structural formula CH3CH2CH2COH

    • PKWiU:
    • CN: 2912 19 00
    • CAS: 123-72-8
AldehydesChemical SynthesisPaints & LacquersWires & CablesPlastic (PVC) additivesAutomotivePharmaceutics & CosmeticsTechnical GasesTextilesOther
Produkt: n-Butyraldehyde
Chemical Synthesis
Paints & Lacquers
Wires & Cables
Plastic (PVC) additives
Pharmaceutics & Cosmetics
Technical Gases


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