Historia Oxoplast

Historia istnienia zakładu rozpoczęła się w 1940 r., kiedy to w pobliżu Kędzierzyna rozpoczęto budowę zakładu chemicznego.

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It is a starting date for our OXO adventure. This year we started production of our first PVC plasticizers.


We started production of DEHP which has been marketed worldwide under Oxoplast® O Brand.


Our state of art.

OXO alcohols plant based on Davey Process technology and WGS facility was started-up. We have began production of 2-ethylhexanol (2-EH), N-butanol and isobutanol.


1 million tons of OXO alcohols were produced since the plant start-up


We introduced Oxoplast® IB, a plasticizer based on our isobutanol.


Oxoplast business unit was born due to structural chan ges in the company.


Oxpolast® PH, a C10 plasticizer based on 2-PH alcohol has been introduced as our answer to changes on the plasticizers’ market.


We were one of the first in Europe to start production of non-phtalate, PTA based, general purpose plasticizer


We decided to build a dedicated plant for our PTA based non-phthalate plasticizer (50 kt/year)


We have introduced Oxoplast Medica®,

a high quality plasticizer for medical purposes.


We have started up our large scale plant for our PTA based non-phthalate plasticizer (50 kt/year).

We have introduced to the market under Oxoviflex™