Adoflex® and Oxovilen® – new plasticizers offered by Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.


Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. starts-up a new plant and introduces specialty plasticizers Adoflex® and Oxovilen®

By introducing Adoflex® and Oxovilen® Grupa Azoty ZAK takes next step in the implementation of the OXO Segment policy based on the development of a range of non-phthalate plasticizers and specialty products. Adoflex® and Oxovilen® are produced on a new multifunctional plant for non-phthalate specialty esters with capacity of 10,000 tonnes/year, which was built as part of the Specialty Esters Project (SEP) with the modern Application and Development Laboratory launched in 2018.


Adoflex® and Oxovilen® and next products which will be developed within the SEP, support comprehensivness of the OXO Segment offer and are part of the extension of the OXO alcohol value chain towards products with specific applications and parameters.


Adoflex® is high-quality bis(2-ethylhexyl)adipate. Due to its particularly good plasticizing properties, especially in low-temperature applications and a safe toxicological profile, it is recommended for food contact materials (in particular in the production of PVC food films). In addition, Adoflex® is applied in the production of garden hoses, cables and coated fabrics. Depending on the application, it can be used as a main or functional plasticizer with Oxoviflex®. In addition to the processing of PVC, Adoflex® is recommended as a solvent in the cosmetics industry, plasticization of nitrocellulose, synthetic rubber and production of varnishes.


Oxovilen® is high quality di(n-butyl)terephthalate, which features fast fusing properties, low migration and provides higher flexibility to finished products. These properties allow it to be applied in PVC flooring as a functional plasticizer with Oxoviflex®, adhesives and sealants and in the production of various inks.


Our goal is to provide our clients solutions that allow them to produce excellent and environmentally friendly products. When initiating the Specialty Esters Project, we considered ourselves as users. We want the products we use in everyday life to have the good working parameters and are safe. As specialists in chemical production, we know what substances will provide this – explains Aleksander Grymel, director of the Oxoplast Business Unit in Kędzierzyn. – Today we are introducing first of a range of new products that fully meet the assumptions we have set for ourselves. Start-up of a new multifunctional plant is another step to the future, based on high quality chemical products, contributing to excellent utility parameters of our clients’ products, and providing users with quality and safety.


Both Adoflex® and Oxovilen® comply with requirements of the REACH regulation, are not subject to restrictions and are not subject to authorization. Due to their safe profile, they are not subject to the CLP classification.