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Annual meeting of Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

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On 10th-12th September 2014, Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. held, in Krakow, its annual meeting with oxo customers. The meeting was attended by over 100 representatives of companies that buy oxo alcohols and plasticisers from the Kędzierzyn-based manufacturer. The lectures and discussion panels were devoted to talks about the current economic situation in Poland and Europe; the participants discussed the potentials and threats in the industry, the need for and effects of industrialisation, as well as the necessity to build competitiveness by Polish companies and to develop the national economy as a result.

The first evening served as an occasion to discuss and sum up everything that has happened since the last meeting and to intensify partner relations. There were some surprises too. The organisers invited Jerzy Dudek to talk about his career, successes and difficulties. After all, sport and business have common values such as fair play, mutual understanding and trust, team work, and consistent development.



After the lecture and discussion, the time came to go for an evening walk around beautiful Krakow, mainly around its Kazimierz borough. Foreign guests were not the only ones to admire its beauty. It seems to be that every time we are in Krakow we feel the great atmosphere of the city, its majesty and historical significance.

On the second day, a street game, ‘Back to the Future’, started. The participants were divided into groups with their guides and assigned a few tasks, predominantly to get to historical sites in the Nowa Huta borough.


Why such a choice for one of the items on the agenda?


“Nowa Huta is a unique borough, especially for foreign partners. We wanted them to have a feel for the Poland of the last era, to understand our economy and the life of a Polish family in those years. We hope that this experience makes our partners even more aware and remind us of so much we have done in the last years in order to take an important place in Europe and its economy today”, sums up Maciej Budner, Manager of the Strategic Marketing Office.

The topic was continued in a more substantive manner at the symposium in the afternoon. The first lecture, the Competitiveness of the Polish and European Economies in the Era of Global Transformations, by Prof. Jerzy Hausner, referred to today’s position of our economy in the context of the situation in Europe and in the world. The speaker indicated that the economic downturn had continued to affect the market, that it was necessary to investigate changes as they occurred and adjust to them at a proper time. Leaders such as the German economy are worth watching yet there is no ideal pattern for success.  Nevertheless, competitiveness building is the basis for thinking about the development of industries, improving domestic indicators and strengthening the Polish economy.  This is an assignment for business people; the State’s role is to support opportunities and facilitate operation.
The competitiveness relying on good relations with partners was raised by Agnieszka Kurpińska, Commercial Director, JB Oxoplast. Her presentation showed current assumptions of a commercial policy and highlighted the role and involvement of our specialist salespeople. We introduced the entire team who liaise with customers and presented the structure of operations. The Commercial Director ensured the partners that their business needs were a challenge for us which we would take on every time.


What is her opinion on the meeting when she stood as Commercial Director for the first time?


“I have a very high opinion of the meeting, especially I appreciate and love the customers’ openness to change, mutual dialogue and the understanding that only together can we respond to the market requirements and find a way to succeed in business; that is, mutual satisfaction and permanent relations”, she says.

Undoubtedly, the building of long-term relations with customers and thinking of directions for development are basic elements of strategy building, which was discussed by Gen. Dr Mieczysław Bieniek in his lecture. His talk, Military Strategies in Business, involved pointing to important issues which ensured security and the future, including that of development, of course. To put it in a nutshell, a proper analysis, tool selection, responsible outline of directions and proper people.

The evening after the symposium was an occasion to continue post-seminar discussions. The highlight of the evening was the concert by Patrycja Markowska.


What do customers think about the meeting?


“A great and well-organised meeting”, said Thilo Rost of My-chem GmbH, smiling at the coffee break. “I like the warm atmosphere at the meeting and at the same time a genuine discipline of how the items on the agenda are covered”, he added.


“I’m here for the first time and I can’t believe that everyone knows one another so well. They are talking about our common business honestly, listening intently to one another. I’m happy to be here; I believe next year I’ll find my friends here”, said Anna Kalisz, Purchasing Specialist of Aaglob S.A.

Guests of long-standing felt like a duck to water and their further participation in the symposium is its best review. “Always closer to the customer”, says Marzena Tkacz, Marketing Specialist at the Marketing and Development Department, and seminar coorganiser. “For guests who are so special to us we create an unforgettable seminar which shapes the company’s positive image. Every year we face a challenge: how to surprise our customers; how to ensure them that we have mutual business. For me it’s a great satisfaction that many customers have worked with us for a number of years and come with joy to the meetings”.

The meetings have taken place for several years and made up an important element in the oxo commercial strategy.

For many years, the Azoty ZAK S.A Group has been a leading Polish manufacturer and the third European manufacturer of oxo alcohols and plasticisers. The development of the oxo area is an essential part of the potential that the Azoty Group has and is incorporated in its 2013-2020 strategy.