Green light for Speciality Esters in Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.


On 10 May during the assembly of the Supervisory Board of Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A., the first resolutions concerning the Speciality Esters I investment project were passed.

Within the decision, a permit was granted to purchase fixed assets components necessary to implement the task. The essential result of the project will be building a system for production of non-phthalate speciality esters with the capacity of 10 thousand tons/ year. For the company it means implementing new production processes and new products. Speciality esters are additives enriching the base product. For Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. it is Oxoviflex®, a non-phthalate plasticiser with universal properties. Offering an additional range of products with specific intended use to the customers of the OXO segment will help improve the company’s competitive advantage.


“The project matches the company’s innovative approach to business. Building the system for production of speciality esters will help Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. respond to the diversified market needs on a current basis and constantly extend the portfolio with products demanded by the customers. The main value of the project is the ability to fill the market niches”, explains Mateusz Gramza, President of the Board, Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.


Building a system for speciality esters is an element of the Speciality Esters Programme (Polish: PES)., which additionally involves establishing of an application laboratory, experimental system for non-phthalate esters and improving the properties of the Oxoviflex® plasticiser produced in Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. since 2015.