In the European capital of petrochemicals

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Autumn is a particularly busy season for the commercial area of Oxoplast’s Business Unit. This is when the annual meeting of the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) is held, and this is where negotiations start to specify the terms of cooperation with numerous business partners for the year ahead, regarding strategic raw materials and OXO alcohols sales. For Oxoplast™, participation in the event, which will take place at the end of September in Vienna, has therefore become a must-attend item on the calendar.


Comprehensive and effective formula

For the 57th time already, this meeting has been focused on the petrochemical industry, involving thousands of participants from across the globe. Undoubtedly, what sets it apart is its multidimensional formula, combining panel discussions and lectures with the opportunity to meet suppliers, customers and business partners from different regions of the world. – Indeed, EPCA is more work-related than, for example, a trade fair, where the focus is on presenting our offer. Here, specific arrangements are made prior to the event. We have currently arranged about 70 meetings at which we will discuss the current cooperation, and this is the start of negotiations for the coming year – explains Anna Gruszczyńska, Deputy Director for Operations at Oxoplast™ Business Unit.


Our representatives’ calendars for the duration of the EPCA are filled to the brim with meetings that literally stretch from morning to evening. Notably, they do not only concern sales processes, but also the purchase of raw materials used in Oxoplast’s production processes. There is also an opportunity to meet up with representatives from leading analytics and logistics companies.


Talking about the future

This year’s agenda is oriented towards energy security, affordability and sustainability. Among EPCA participants, not only are future investments being discussed by the petrochemical industry, but also the ways to succeed in the long term in Europe when faced with the high cost of energy and raw materials, as well as increasing volumes of regulations.


For the customer, pricing and quality are of paramount importance, but in today’s scenario, the standards by which a company operates are becoming increasingly relevant. Do we care about the environment, do we ensure the safety of products and production processes, are we open to ‘green’ trends? The Green Oxoplast™ (‘Zielony Oxoplast™’) strategy is being developed within our unit, in line with the corporate Green Nitrogen (‘Zielone Azoty’) programme, which will address the needs of the market. The sustainability issues raised at EPCA are thereby a crucial part of our focus – says Director of Oxoplast™ Business Unit.


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