Next Kosher Certificate is on its way…


On Wednesday 5th of July, we were honored to host Mr. Tomasz Krakowski, who have visited our Company on behalf of Mr. Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland from the Jewish Community Of Warsaw. The purpose of this visit was to start kosher certification prolongation procedure for products manufactured by OXO Segment.

Products with Kosher Certificate generate 22% of our revenue – says Mr. Rafał Bobko from Commercial Department of OXO Segment – and these are mainly OXO alcohols: 2-ethylhexanol, n-Butanol, Isobutanol. These products are used both by end users and processors mainly in Italy, Germany, Turkey, Austria, France and Poland – said Mr. Bobko.



The host of the visit was Mr. Sławomir Brzeziński , Vice President of Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A., who invited Mr. Krakowski for a joint visit at the production plants. – Products manufactured at Oxoplast’s facilities are based on synthetic and non-organic raw materials, thus we will have no problems with Kosher Certification for another year – said Mr. Krakowski.