Oxoplast® – the foundation of our future


We are proud to announce – a return to the historical name Oxoplast®, which is an expression of our commitment to our heritage and experience in the production of OXO alcohols and plasticizers and the foundation for our future. Our commitment to the highest standards of customer service and quality of our products remains unchanged!

Our experience dates back to 1954, when we started producing the first PVC plasticizer. In 1986 we launched a modern OXO alcohols plant, which is still the heart of the Segment Oxoplast®. We are part of the chemical group Grupa Azoty, our driving force is innovation.We consistently develop the Special Esters Project, which defines the directions for the entire range of plasticizers. We have our first successes in this area, i.e. the introduction of Adoflex® (DOA) and Oxovilen® (DBT) high quality specialty plasticizers into our portfolio. We are currently working on further products, and the technology of production of polymeric plasticizers. Our plasticizer portfolio is designed around our flag ship Oxoviflex® (DOTP) general purpose plasticizer. We are the largest manufacturer of DOTP in the European Union!


We are aware of the challenges of the modern, dynamically changing world. We are committed to sustainable development and support the circular economy. As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, we offer only plasticizers that are safe for human health and life. Moreover, we guarantee that the products in which they are used can be recycled!


See how we are changing, join the Segment Oxoplast® partners. Bet on flexible solutions for your business.