Polish Economic Chamber of Electrotechnics and Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. meeting


On Tuesday 10th Jan 2017 Polish Economic Chamber of Electrotechnics and Grupa Azoty ZAK held a meeting concerning new Polish and European regulations on fire resistant cables.

The aim of the meeting organized in Kędzierzyn-Koźle was to discuss new regulations (effective from mid 2017th) that will set a stricter requirements on cable fire safety and actions that can be taken to support domestic wires and cables manufacturers.


Apart from outlining legal issues concerning introduction of a new law in Poland, the meeting was a great opportunity to make a reference to regulations in other European countries. Mr. William Plunket, a Business Development Manager of Integer Research, a renowned British consulting company, gave an interesting lecture on changes in the structure of the European cable market, with particular emphasis in field of fire resistant and performance cables in construction industry.


As regulations also play a significant role in chemical industry, the meeting would not be complete without update on a regulatory status of plasticizers used in vinyl processing (including cable insulation production). Mr. Jean-Luc Wietor, the Director of the European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI) presented current state of affairs relating to plasticizers relating also to full regulatory safety of DEHT regarding its application in all areas of PVC processing.


PIGE is the oldest organization in Poland which gathered companies from the electronics industry. Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. is a producer of Oxoviflex® (DEHT) – a plasticizer used among others in production of cable insulations and member of Grupa Azoty capital group- a supplier of dedicated solutions to the electrical industry.


Active contacts and exchange of information between specialists from the cable industry and Grupa Azoty ZAK is vital in creating knowledge based database of requirements for products and individual components in the whole chain of processing and production of cables and electrical wires – comments Agnieszka Kurpińska, Oxoplast BU Commercial Director – we can use such knowledge to co-operate in developing new products and – if the situation requires it – speak with one voice towards regulations and their impact on various industries.