Specialization, customization and sustainability are the new trends that will shape the future of plasticizer industry?


Plasticizers are one of the most basic additives used in PVC processing. Until recently, the most popular group of plasticizers was phthalates with the leading role of DEHP. Nowadays European markets display a strong tendency towards using specialty plasticizers…

The European markets are constantly changing due to the market and regulatory pressure. The strongest trends that we are observing is increasing role of non-orthophthlate plasticizers with leading role of DEHT . To answer the growing demand, the Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. introduced a new plasticizer – Oxoviflex® (DEHT). But that was just the beginning…


Another important factor that we observe is increasing role of specialty plasticizers. That is why we have launched Specialty Esters Project (SEP) which is our key development activity. The core part will be a new plant, coming on stream in 2018, dedicated to innovative, specialty plasticizers including polyesters and bio-based plasticizers. The production plant will be accompanied by semi-industrial unit designed for developing and producing batches of new plasticizer types. They will be tested at Application Laboratory and at PVC converters production facilities.


We also believe that the future is in customization – creating new formulas and smart additives together with customers. That is why we carry out extensive R&D activities within our newly put-up Research and Development Centre. The goal is to introduce specialty chemicals including bio-based plasticizers and OXO based products into our product range. The Research and Development Centre will provide a great technological support for us and for our business partners.